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Practice Areas

Legal expertise is an important feature when selecting a Salt Lake City law firm, but the real value lies in how well your legal counsel can apply and deliver this knowledge. Whether your legal issues arise from an internal shift in strategy, imminent litigation, or current economic conditions, our attorneys possess the ability to deliver results. The business attorneys at Parr Brown apply legal expertise to your critical business concerns. Working closely with clients, we create rock-solid corporate and litigation solutions, based on years of legal and industry experience.


While we are happy to assist our clients with any issue, our primary focus lies in corporate, commercial, and business legal matters. Our business attorneys focus on all corporate legal issues, from consultation to litigation. Some of Parr Brown’s legal services include bankruptcy and finance, mergers and acquisitions and tax, commercial litigation, construction law, environmental law, and many more. We are home to a renowned group of business attorneys who have proven experience in a diverse field of business law practices, making us one of the most trusted corporate law firms in Salt Lake City.

Just a few of the areas of practice highlighted below.

Mining Law

Parr Brown assists mining companies in acquiring, transferring, developing and operating mineral properties throughout North America and around the world. With an in-depth understanding of the issues that matter, we have successfully helped mining clients, large and small, with all kinds of exploration, earn-in, buy/sell, leasing, joint venture, financing and other mineral agreements, involving everything from gold and gemstones to coal and industrial minerals. We regularly assist owners and prospective owners, as well as local and international lenders and brokers, in performing due diligence and title reviews of mining properties. We also assist clients with permitting, environmental matters, public land use rights, water rights and other areas of natural resource use and development. Parr Brown is an active member of the leading industry associations, with recognized expertise and a wide range of satisfied clients.

Representative Experience:
  • Extensive experience in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Indonesia, Chile and Africa.

  • Exploration, operation, development, sales, and property and related asset transfers involving precious metals, base metals, industrial minerals, oil, gas, coal, geothermal resources, salt and gemstones.

  • All aspects of public land use and regulation such as ownership, access, usage rights, mining claims, mineral leases, permitting, patenting, operational agreements, acquisitions, divestitures, title and ownership analysis, boundary disputes, and regulatory compliance.

  • Due diligence on mining claims, water rights and other property holdings.

  • Resolution or litigation of disputes among parties to development agreements, leasing and mineral title matters.

  • Assistance with disputes and proceedings involving the Bureau of Land Management; the Forest Service; the Interior Board of Land Appeals; the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission; the Utah Board of Oil, Gas and Mining; the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration; the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands; and the Utah Division of Water Rights.

  • Environmental due diligence, including environmental audits.

  • Toxic tort lawsuits and private cost recovery actions.

  • Environmental risk management.

  • Legislative activities and rule-making proceedings.

  • Environmental issues arising in the context of international trade.

Water Law

In the arid West, issues involving water rights can be crucial.  Our legal expertise covers all aspects of Utah and federal water law, including transactional, administrative, regulatory, and title issues, as well as dispute resolution and corporate affairs. Clients include businesses, individuals, real estate developers, ranchers, municipalities, special service districts, homeowners associations, irrigation companies, ski resorts, consultants, banks, mineral operators, utilities, refineries and manufacturers.

Our water law services include:
  • Change, exchange and other water right filings to allow acquisition and use of water.

  • Purchase, sale, modification and transfer of water rights.

  • Certification of water rights.

  • Ownership, title and due diligence reviews.

  • Sole supply determination.

  • Reports of conveyance.

  • Protests and defensive protection of water rights.

  • Hearings before the Utah Division of Water Rights.

  • Assistance with administrative proceedings.

  • Water use, water supply, water lease, water banking, water well and other water agreements.

  • Project development and funding.

  • Water company formation and management.

  • Water shares.

  • Geothermal development.

  • Wetlands issues.

  • Permitting, including stormwater, stream alteration and dredge/fill (Sec. 404).

  • Water disposal.

  • Source protection.

  • Regulatory compliance.

  • Related litigation such as ownership disputes, water right modification disputes, prescriptive easements and flood liability.

Environmental Law

Parr Brown assists industrial and commercial businesses and public entities with compliance and corrective measures relating to CERCLA (Superfund), RCRA (solid and hazardous waste), clean air and water, underground storage tanks, mining, and other environmental matters. In particular, the environmental practice emphasizes environmental permitting, enforcement, compliance, remediation and corrective action matters. The environmental practice also complements and supports the corporate, acquisitions, and mergers practice with involvement in the due diligence, negotiations, and structuring aspects of transactions relating to industrial, commercial, and natural resources enterprises.

Our environmental legal services include:
  • Environmental due diligence including environmental audits and title reviews.

  • Toxic tort lawsuits and private cost recovery actions.

  • Resolution of issues arising in the context of international trade.

  • Enforcement, compliance, remediation and corrective action matters.

  • Environmental permitting (NSR) and enforcement matters.

  • Air emission credits transactions.

  • State implementation plan development.

  • Environmental legislation.

  • Environmental aspects of business transactions.

  • Governmental relations including state and federal regulatory proceedings and legislation.

  • Compliance and investigations.

  • Brownfield redevelopments.

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