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Land Services

We offer a range of land services, drawing upon our decades of experience, with a diverse list of clients throughout the United States. 

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Title Research & Report Preparation

  • Geothermal, alternative (green) energy, mineral, oil and gas, and surface ownership

  • Rights-of-way – Railroad, Utility, Transportation

  • Easements – Construction, Permanent and Temporary

  • Access and related agreements on patented land, patented and unpatented mining claims

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Property Negotiations

  • We conduct discreet negotiations regarding oil, gas, geothermal and mining agreements, options and leases

  • Any type of agreement pertaining to real property, mineral, or oil and gas rights, including access agreements, rights-of way, easements, purchase contracts, and option agreements, can be negotiated on behalf of the client

  • Almar is highly regarded for its capacity to provide exemplary results

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Mineral Mining Claim Staking

  • Survey new unpatented mining claims

  • Map preparation of patented lands, patented mining claims and unpatented mining claims

  • BLM Filings of new unpatented mining claims and maps

  • Recording new unpatented mining claims and maps

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